Spring Pool Cleaning Checklist

Pool Cleaning Service

Pool owners know that regular cleaning is needed to keep their pool safe and clean for all to enjoy.  Much of this should be done on a weekly or two weekly basis, however spring represents a good time to perform a more thorough clean, especially if the pool hasn’t been opened yet.

Here’s a checklist to help ensure you don’t miss anything:


1. Visually Inspect the Pool

Before the season starts it’s a good time to inspect the pool, especially after winter where there could be damage you are not aware of from snow or fallen branches.  Check for cracks or damage, taking time to slowly inspect the whole of the pool’s surface.


2. Clean Surrounding Area

Now’s a good time to clean the surrounding area of your pool, removing any potential hazards and making sure there is nothing that would make anyone slip or fall into the pool.


3. Clean walls of pool

Use a brush to clean the pool walls.


4. Clean tile band

Use appropriate products to clean the tile band.


5. Clean pool floor

Over time dirt and debris builds up on the floor of the pool.  The easiest way to clean the bottom is with a pool vacuum.


6. Skim the pool surface

Clear leaves, bugs and other debris from the surface of the pool.


7. Test the water

Use a water testing kit to check the chlorine and PH levels.

The P.H should be between 7.2 – 7.6.

Chlorine levels should be between 1.0ppm and 3.0ppm (parts per million).


8. Add chemicals as needed

Add the chemicals and re-test after the specified time for the product (usually 24 hours).


9. Inspect filter and pump

Over time a build up of dirt makes the filter less effective. Check if the filter is clogged and needs replacing.  As a general rule most pool filters should be replaced every 1-2 years.


10. Pool still not clean?

It may be appropriate to use an algaecide if your just opening your pool.


Properly checking and cleaning all aspects of your pool will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy a safe, clean pool throughout the season.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to clean your own pool, you may want to hire a professional pool cleaner instead.  Aqua Pro Pool & Spa service are happy to help, just give us a call: (203)340-6874.