Aqua Pool & Spa are experienced in providing expert pool filter repair for pool owners across CT. We work with both residential & commercial equipment to get your pool filter working as it should again!

Your pool filter is one of the essential parts helping to keep your pool clean and safe to use.  Without a properly working filter it won’t take long for your pool to show signs of contaminates.


Pool Filter RepairSigns you need a pool filter repair

Is your pool pump noisy? Leaking water or sucking air in? Here are some of the signs your pump may be about to fail:

The pressure is too high or low

If you notice that your pool filter’s pressure is higher than normal it may mean that there is a blockage after the filter.  On the other hand low pressure indicates a blockage before the filter.

The filter is leaking

A small leak might not seem like much, but over time it can waste a lot of water and is best sorted sooner rather than later.

Filter isn’t keeping the pool clean

If your pool isn’t being kept clean you should first rule out any other equipment or chemical imbalance.  If you have checked everything else you may have a problem with your filter which requires further investigation.


These are just some of the common problems you might experience with your filter, whatever the issue, you can rely on our experienced pool repair contractors to provide a solution.  Our pool contractors are highly skilled in all kinds of residential and commercial pool repairs.  Call today:   (203)340-6874



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