Why You Should Open Your Pool Early

It’s a debate pool openers often have.  Is it too early to open my pool?  Should I wait?  When is the best time to open my swimming pool?

You might be unsure about opening your pool sooner.

There are plenty of benefits to opening your pool a little earlier.  Here are just a few of them:


  1. Algae Loves Warmer Temperatures

The longer you wait to open your pool, the greater the risk of algae and bad bacteria growing in your pool.  As the temperature of your pool water rises, it starts to promote algae growth and can become a breeding ground for it. Even with a mesh cover, the pool water is still heating up, allowing algae to grow.

After being closed for 6 months or more, without sanitizer being added, it becomes easier for algae to take a foothold.  By opening your pool earlier you can keep the pool water circulating with the right chemicals and save yourself the hassle of an uninviting green pool later on.


  1. Better for your Pool Equipment

Did you know that the chemistry of your pool affects how long your equipment lasts for?  The pump, filter and heater are all affected by untreated, hard water, incorrect PH.  An unbalanced pool also has an impact on liners, ladders and rails as the water can become hard and corrosive.   The longer your pool remains unbalanced, the more chance there is of your equipment wearing.   If you can, it makes sense to open the pool earlier to mitigate the risk.


  1. Prevent Algae Build Up

The trouble with unopened pools is that pollen just sits around, building up in your pool and making cleaning a much tougher job later on.  Opening the pool earlier means that the water is circulating and the pollen can be sucked into the filter.  If you live in a high pollen area you will certainly benefit from opening your pool a little earlier.


  1. Not as Expensive as it Might Seem

One of the reservations some people have about opening their pool early is the cost implications. With more efficient filters, motors and salt water pools these days, it doesn’t have to be expensive to open your pool a month or two earlier.  Running your pump on a low speed for a month for example would probably cost less than $50 in energy, depending on the size of your pool. When you compare it to the potential costs of cleaning your pool later because of algae, pollen or bacteria build up, it makes sense.


Opening early gives you more time to enjoy the relaxing look and feel of your pool. Plus if there is suddenly a hot spell, your pool is up and ready for your children to jump right in.  As a general rule, you should look to open your pool when the temperature during the day is above 70 degrees.


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