Maintaining a hot tub or spa properly involves quite a bit of effort. Some of the things you need to consider are listed below. Let Aqua Pro Pool and Spa Service be your service company for all your hot tub repair & maintenance needs. We promise to make your hot tub and spa experience enjoyable all year long!
Spa Service
  • Repair or Replace Pump
  • Inspect, Replace or Repair Heating Element
  • Inspect, Replace or Repair Control Systems
  • Test PH and Alkalinity Levels of Spa Water
  • Check and Clean Water 
  • Troubleshoot and Fix Other Water Issues   (cloudiness, excessive foaming, skin irritations)
  • Inspect Cover
  • Simple Plumbing Problems Fixed
  • Recommendations for Energy Efficiency

Authorized Calspa repair specialist.  Including many other top brands we can also service and repair your Calspa hot tub or spa.

Professional Hot Tub & Spa Service in CT

For a reliable hot sub or spa service in CT, serving the towns of Madison, Guilford, Branford, Westbrook, Clinton, Old Saybrook and Middlesex County.  Schedule an appointment with Aqua 

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