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Pool Pump RepairSigns you need a pool pump repair

Is your pool pump noisy? Leaking water or sucking air in? Here are some of the signs your pump may be about to fail:

The pump is noisy

You may notice a rumbling or screeching sound, this may indicate that the pumps motor is vibrating or that the pump requires new bearings.

The pump is leaking

If your pump is leaking it generally means that there is a broken or loose pipe somewhere, or that your o ring has become worn and needs repair.

The water isn’t moving

Ensuring that the water in your pool is moving freely is essential to maintain a healthy and safe pool.  If the water isn’t moving, check that your pool filter is clean and that your skimmer and pump have been emptied.  Another problem that can prevent the pump from working correctly is a leak within the suction line.  If you are unsure, call a professional!

These are just some of the common problems you might experience with your pool pump, whatever the issue, you can rely on our experienced pool repair contractors to provide a solution.  Our pool contractors are highly skilled in all kinds of residential and commercial pool repairs.  Call today:   (203)340-6874


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