Pool Water Problems, Causes & Solutions

There are many causes that can lead to discolored water.  From improper chemical levels to stagnant water, hard water and corrosion in metal equipment.  Most people will recognize the typical green color from algae growth, but other appearances may not be so common. It can be a concern for pool owner’s, suddenly your pool is a strange color, you don’t know why, is it dangerous? What should you do about it?

Your pool water might be pink, yellow, cloudy have black spots, each have different causes and solutions.

Most pool water problems can be easily solved, here are some of the most common, their causes and what to do about them.


Green water

Algae is growing in your pool, the sanitizer level has dropped and bad bacteria has begun to multiply.


Pink water

Also known as pink slime or professionally Paecilomyces Lilacinus, this is very resistant to chlorine sanitizers and so needs treating with specialist pink algaecide.  Pink slime can be caused by poor water circulation, improper water maintenance and the wider environment.


Black spotted water

This is known as black algae and may require a specialist algaecide to treat.  It is also a good idea to thoroughly clean the filter.  For more serious cases you may need to drain the pool and wash with chlorine.


Black/purple tinted water

Your pool probably has high levels of manganese which can lead to stained pool surfaces. This can be corrected with commercial products such as an ion stabilizer.  Black tinted water may not always be noticeable in the water itself but on the surfaces of your appliances.


Yellow/Orange water

This could be caused by yellow algae which is notoriously difficult to remove. It may look like sand/pollen and can stick to the pool walls.  You will need to shock the pool with a heavy dose of chlorine and clean any affected equipment with chlorine too.


Cloudy water

This can be caused by hard water or unbalanced pool chemistry.  Perform a test to check if your pool chemistry is correct.


Water which burns the eyes, nose or throat

A burning sensation felt in the eyes, nose or throat is caused by an alkalinity imbalance.  The solution is to check the PH of the water and correct.


Brown/Green tinted water

This is likely due to high levels of iron or copper in the water.  This is caused by corrosion in the pipes of your pool accessories or contamination in these accessories.  It can come from the water you use to fill the pool.


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