What Happens if You Don’t Close Your Pool Properly

Closing your swimming pool is all about protecting it from the harshness of winter.  It’s about making sure it’s in a reasonable condition when you come to open it again in spring.  This can be trickier than it seems.  It’s not simply enough to switch everything off and cover it over.

There’s a lot to think about for sure; you certainly don’t want to rush it.  Take your time and if you’re unsure of anything seek the help of a professional pool closing company.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but these are some of the most common problems people may face with an inadequate pool closure:


Your heater could burst

Okay so this would be the worse case scenario but it’s possible if you live in an area with harsh winters like Connecticut.

The problem happens when you don’t properly blow out or drain your heater.

With water still left inside it could freeze in a coil and burst; inevitably his will be expensive.


Your pool lines could burst

Like your heater and other pool equipment, your pool lines could also freeze if they have any water left in them.
Make sure they’re drained thoroughly to prevent any water bursting.


Your pool filter could burn out

Amazingly, many people forget to turn off the electricity supply to their pool filtration system before closing the pool for the winter.

Don’t be one of those people!

Your filter will run with no water and the motor will eventually burn out.


Algae could grow 

One of the principle reasons for winterizing your pool is to ensure it’s clean and ready to use for the next season.  An area people sometimes forget is a good brush and vacuum of the walls and floor.  Also don’t neglect the hard to reach areas too as these can all be breeding grounds for algae growth.


Your filters could become useless

All of your pool filters need a really good clean when you close your pool for winter.  Without it, any debris suck on them all winter can make them pretty useless come spring.


Ice and snow could weaken your pool

Without an air pillow under your pool cover, ice and snow can expand outwards and put a lot of pressure on the structure of your pool.

Don’t forget to place the air pillow! If you don’t already have one, consider getting one.


Your pipes could corrode 

Again this is something that sounds quite drastic, but it can happen.  The key is to take your time with your pool chemicals.  If they’re too strong they can be damaging to your pool pipework.