What do Different Hot Tub Noises Mean?

When your hot tub or spa starts making noises it can be frustrating and confusing to know the cause, and the solution.  It’s not always clear that something is wrong with your equipment, if it still works.

So what are the different noises and what do they mean?

Vibration – One of the most common hot tub noises is a vibrating noise.  This is usually caused by a wooden deck that the hot tub sits on, or by equipment in the cabinet beneath.  Usually the jet or circulation pumps.  This can often by fixed by tightening their bolts.

Buzzing or humming – You might notice this to be constant or intermittent; either way if you notice this type of noise you should also notice one of the following symptoms:

  • Hot tub not heating
  • Water not circulating

What is the cause?

The cause is usually down to worn bearings or foreign subjects which compromise the pump.  In this instance your pump can either be repaired or replaced.  Talk to a hot tub specialist to decide on the most appropriate action for your situation.

Grinding – A grinding noise suggests a problem with your hot tub motor, usually caused by warn bearings.

Squealing – This means that you have a failing pump.  If the noise gets louder over time then failing to fix the cause can lead to motor failure, and a more expensive repair.


If you have a noisy hot tub, live in Connecticut and would like help with diagnosis and repair, get in touch with Aqua Pro Pool and Spa Service.