Reasons to Pay for Pool Closing in CT

Pool Closing

It’s the time of year pool owners will start to think about closing their pools.  While some will rely on a trusted pool closing company others might choose to close their pool themselves, and save a bit of money.

Closing your pool yourself might save you money in the short term but if your pool is not properly prepared for winter you could find costly cracks or damages when you open next season.

Why should you pay for a pool closing service?

  1.  Protect lines from freezing & cracking – A pro pool service will give your lines a thorough blow out & provide them with anti-freeze to protect them.
  2. Prevent algae & other bacteria from growing – A professional pool closure will ensure your pool is fully cleaned when closing & not likely to grow bacteria, which could become a serious cleanup problem when you open your pool again!
  3. Protect your skimmer intakes with winter plugs.
  4. Protect your pump from winter damage – A professional pool closing service will help protect your pool pump against damage over the winter.
  5. Protect against staining – Professional chemicals will help prevent staining on your pool & prevent damage to its metals.
  6. No need to buy dozens of chemicals – Your pool pro should have all of the right chemicals needed to protect your pool over winter.
  7. Every pool is different – By hiring a professional pool closer you know that everything has been done right for your individual pool.
  8. Protect your asset – You can rest assured that your pool will be ready and waiting for the following season.

Closing your pool safely & securely can be a big task for any pool owner.  Take the hassle out of closing your pool & protect your investment with a professional pool closing service from Aqua Pro.

Pool Closing Service in CT

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