Essential tips to pool cleaning for pool owners

Pool Cleaning Service

A clean pool should be among the biggest priorities for any pool owner.

A clean pool helps to:

  • Keep all of your pool users safe from dangerous bacteria
  • Extend the life of your pool & reduce costly future repairs
  • Reduce your pool insurance premiums
  • Ensure everyone can enjoy your pool without worry

Wondering what you need to do to maintain your home pool cleaning?

There’s a whole host of products & endless checks you could make to keep your pool clean & safe.  Above anything else however you should follow these simple measures:

Pool Cleaning Essentials:

Clean your pool with chemicals

The biggest thing on your to-do list should be to maintain your pool’s chemical levels.   Keeping your P.H. levels between 7.2 & 7.8 will prevent a lot of common pool problems including corrosion, algae & harmful bacteria.

Regularly vacuum your pool

Outdoor home pools are very prone to collecting lots of types of dirt, dust & leaves. If your pool is close to tree’s this will ring a lot truer with you.

To clean your pool from dirt, dust & foreign objects you need to use a specially designed vacuum just for pools.  These can be purchased yourself or you may wish to speak to Aqua Pool & Spa to schedule a pool clean out.  We house professional grad high-powered vacuum cleaners that do the job, fast!

Keep your tiles clean

Use a specially formulated tile cleaner to scrub off dirt build up from your pools inner tiles.  Use a sponge on a pole or a soft bristle-brush to make the job easier.

You should clean your tiles more frequently in the summer months & when your pool becomes used more.

Check & maintain your pool filter

An inefficient pool filter or one that suddenly stops working can cause a lot of pain & expense in cleaning your pool.   Keeping your filter in working condition:

  • Skim your pool for leaves, twigs & foliage regularly (Your filter is only designed to filter small debris & dirt particles!)
  • Check for clogs – Check your filters pressure gauge daily, if is unusually high your filter may be clogged and should be checked for obstruction as soon as possible.
  • Regularly clean your filter


Aqua Pool offers a complete pool maintenance service, pool cleaning & pool inspection to ensure your pool is always kept clean and safe.  Call today (203)340-6874