What Most Pool Companies Won’t Tell You

Pool Companies

Many pool owners choose to hire a pool company to service their pool for them. Often we don’t have the time or know how to do it ourselves, and since there is a lot involved with pool maintenance, it makes sense to hire a professional. However not all pool companies are the same. There are plenty that wont tell you everything about their service, which often means you as the customer lose out.

Today we are going to uncover 3 things that most pool companies wont tell you:

What Most Pool Companies Won’t Tell You

They Hire Inexperienced Technicians

If you hire a larger pool servicing company you are more likely to get a less experienced technician. This is because as they grow they rely on technicians with little training to keep up with demand and save money.  Don’t be afraid to ask how much experience your pool technician has.

They Install used Equipment

Pool companies can make a lot of their money from repairing pool equipment.  Be aware that some technicians will use used parts without telling you.  If you are unsure, ask to see the packaging before the part is installed.

They Don’t Actually Service Your Pool

Some pool companies will service your pool while you are out.  This can mean that you have no idea whether they turned up or not.

In some cases pool companies will miss certain pools on their run to save time, especially if they have a busy shift.

Any reputable pool servicing company will be more than happy to leave a note each time they turn up.  The note can be used to let you know when they came, how long they spent and what they actually did.

Make sure you are actually getting what you pay for!


For a lot of pool owners they work with the same pool company each year.  Never be afraid to ask what you are actually getting for your money.  If you are disatisfied with the service you are receiving, it could be time to search elsewhere.


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