5 Ways to Save Money as a Pool Owner

Save Money as a Pool Owner

Owning a pool can be costly.  There’s heaters, pumps and filters to run, chemicals to add and equipment to purchase.  But despite the numerous expenses to running a pool, there’s lots you can do to reduce your costs and save money.


Tips to Save Money as a Pool Owner

Here are 5 ways you can save money and run a more energy efficient home pool.


1. Use LED Lights

Led lights use a lot less energy than traditional pool lights.  If you replace incandescent lights with led lights you could save as much as 75% on your energy costs, plus they’ll last longer too, it’s a no-brainer!

2. Install Energy Efficient Equipment

Using a more energy efficient heater or pump can reduce your running costs and help the environment.  Solar powered heaters are a much more energy friendly option and heat pumps work by using the natural heat from the outside air.

3. Cover your Pool

Avoid the need to continue heating your pool by covering it when not in use.  You could save 50% or more in heating costs!

4.  Automate your pumps and heaters

By automating your pool equipment you can avoid wasting energy and run your heaters, pumps etc.. only when needed.  You could set your system to run during off-peak hours to save money and even control it from any internet enabled device.

Running your pool fliter at night for example, is often an easy way to save money as a pool owner.

5. Off Season Check Ups

There are often savings to be had for repairing off-season.  Instead of waiting un til the summer for repairs, you could save a lot of money by scheduling pool repairs in winter and spring.


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