How to prevent algae growing for pool owners

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It’s never an appealing sight laying by a pool filled with green muck, let alone get in it!

Algae can begin to grow & multiply in your pool in just a matter of hours once sanitiser levels drop.  You might already know yourself that algae alone is not harmful, but what it does is act as a “feeding ground” for other harmful bacteria’s which are.  Nobody wants to unexpectedly find a pool filled with algae, to help we have put together some top tips to prevent algae growing & ensure you can enjoy your pool algae free!

So what can you do to keep algae out of your pool & prevent it from growing in the first instance?

Here are some easy ways to prevent algae growing today!

Don’t allow water to settle

Algae loves still & stagnant water, so one of the best ways you can stop it from taking over your pool is to keep your pump running.  You don’t need it on 24/7 just a couple of hours per day to keep your pool water moving.  Another way to achieve this is to jump in, the movement also helps the skimmer to pick up more dirt & dust too.

Check your filter

It’s important to keep your filter clear as much as you can, the more build up your filter gets the less efficient it will become at keeping everything flowing which as we already know leads to still water which algae loves.

Don’t neglect chemical levels

Regular use of chlorine or other pool sanitizers will do a good job at preventing algae growth alone.  If you don’t already it might be a good option to use slow releasing salt chlorine which is better at maintaining consistent levels of chlorine over time.  Keeping your sanitizer levels up is the best defence you have to prevent algae growing in your pool.

Use an algaecide once a week

You might want to try an algaecide to help prevent algae growth in your pool, it is not a complete necessity but worth using for peace of mind.


How do you get rid of pool algae?

If you ever find that algae has been able to grow in your home pool follow these simple steps to get rid of it:

  1. Clean & backwash your filter
  2. Brush your tiles
  3. Give your pool a vacuum
  4. Make sure that your water is circulating (until the algae is gone)
  5. Use an algaecide


Need a professional cleaning service to get rid of your algae problem?  Our professional pool services helps to prevent nasty bacteria & algae growing in your pool. Call Aqua Pro for a complete pool maintenance: (203)340-6874