Best Ways to Improve Swimming Pool Energy Efficiency

Are you looking for a more economical, eco-friendly swimming pool?  Swimming pools can be big consumers of energy and water, needing constant heating, filtering, cleaning and filling.  One study found that homes with swimming pools use 49% more energy than homes without.  But the figures don’t need to be as high.  In fact some of the biggest causes of energy waste in swimming pools aren’t down to your home at all, but by mother nature.

Best suggestions to improve swimming pool efficiency

Limit evaporation

Did you know that most energy is lost through the surface of the swimming pool?  As much as 95% of heat loss can be caused by evaporation and radiation from the sun.  Fortunately evaporation is relatively easy to control with a pool cover (when you’re not using the pool at least).

As the biggest contributor to wasted energy  you should consider starting here.  It’s also one of the simplest to fix – purchase a pool cover to use when your pool isn’t in use.  Covers for above ground pools are relatively inexpensive, in-ground pools more so.


Break the wind up!

Even a little wind can have an impact on your energy efficiency.  Just 7 mph winds can lead to heat loss and increase energy consumption by as much as 300% in some pools.

A fence, wall screen, shrubs or anything to break up the wind will help.


Replace old equipment

If your pump, heater or filters are several years old then they could be wasting energy unnecessarily.  You can save significantly amounts of energy by installing newer energy efficient equipment.


Harness the sun

Solar heaters are the obvious choice for free energy here.  Solar panels absorb the suns rays and turn them into heat energy.

Another option is to use a solar cover (or blanket) that rest on the pool’s surface also absorb the suns heat to warm the pool.  These covers can also help to prevent heat loss by trapping the heat beneath the water, particularly helpful at night time or on colder days.


More eco-friendly tricks for your pool

  • Use a pool timer – This makes it easier to manage your pump and filter by switching the on and off automatically – something that can easily be forgotten.  Pools generally don’t need filtering for more than 12 hours a day; by controlling the filter to come on at certain times you can save on chemicals and electricity.
  • Reduce the speed of your pump as this uses less energy.
  • Weekend user?  Turn the water down by 10°f on week days to save on your energy bills.
  • Use a darker color on your pool finishes.  Sure it’s not for everyone but it does the job in being eco-friendly.  Darker colors absorb heat from the sun, whereas white and lighter colors can repel it.


If you are not sure what you need speak to your local pool company; most will offer swimming pool inspection to determine where you could be wasting energy and the best recommendations to cut back.  Aqua Pro Pool and Spa Service in CT offers pool inspections and equipment upgrades across Litchfield, Middlesex and New Haven Counties in CT.