Step by Step Guide to Opening Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool

Not opened your above ground swimming pool yet?  Make the most of the summer with a clean, safe and properly opened swimming pool. Get it right first time with these simple, essential steps:

1. Remove the winter cover

Remove any leaves and debris from the cover, take it off the pool and give it a good clean before storing.

2. Re-attach plugs and hoses

Put the plugs back on your pump and filter hoses if you removed them last year.

3. Add water to the pool 

Start adding water until it reaches normal levels for your swimming pool.

4. Remove freeze plugs, skimmer guards and air pillows

It is now safe to remove any freeze plugs and the guard covering your skimmer if you have one.  Deflate the air pillows.

5. Plug in the pump and backwash

After plugging in the pool pump, make sure to switch the valve to backwash (if you have a sand filter).  This is important to remove any stagnant, dirty water hanging around in your filter.

6. Check for leaks

Make sure that there are no leaks around the pool, equipment and lines.

7. Check the cleanliness

A good winter cover should ensure that your water remains as clean as you left it last season; nevertheless now is the time to remove leaves, twigs and large bits of debris with a net or rake.  For anything smaller you’ll want to use a pool vacuum.

8. Check the pH

When you think you have the pool clean you’ll want to check the pH before shocking or adding your chemicals.

The pH of your above ground swimming pool should be between 7.2 7.8 but ideally 7.4.

9. Shock the pool (optional)

If you have a shock treatment kit, now’s the time to add it.  This will help to mitigate any risk of algae growth.   It’s best to wait until the evening if it’s a hot day, the heat from the sun can dissolve the chlorine in the kit before it has had chance to take effect. You should wait at least 8 hours after shocking the pool before you jump in.

8. Check the chemistry

Finally once the pool is connected, filled up and appears clean you’ll want to check the chemistry of the swimming pool and adjust if necessary.  You should wait 8-12 hours after topping your pool up with water, since you’ll need to give the new water time to mix properly with the old water.  After this time you can accurately test the pool water in it’s entirety.

9. Connect your ladder and enjoy!

Lastly you’re ready to jump in and enjoy for the season!