How to save money on your pool heating

Looking for ways to save money and reduce your pool heating costs? There’s lots that any pool owner can do to cut costs maintain a healthy, heated pool all season long.  Follow these simple tips for an efficient, eco-friendly home pool:

  • Use a solar cover – This is one of the most effective & low cost solutions to maintaining your pool’s heat & utilizing free heat energy from the sun.  (A pool cover can save as much as 50%-70% in heating costs!)
  • Take advantage of off-peak energy prices – Run your pool’s filter during the night time to take advantage of lower off-peak energy prices.
  • Block wind around your pool – Use fences, hedges & other wind breaks to prevent winds from cooling your pool
  • Only use the pool on weekends? – Reduce your pool thermostat by 8-10º midweek to cut energy costs
  • Install solar heating panels – Notably cheaper than gas-heaters and other solutions in the long-run, they are eco-friendly
  • Avoid turning the dial right up – It doesn’t make the pool heat any faster and you might easily forget, leaving your pool heater on full whack for days..
  • Turn the heat down when not in use – Remember to turn down the dial by 2 to 4 degrees when the pool is not in use for a couple of days (ideally every 2-3 days)
  • Reduce pump speed – You can further save energy by slowing down your pumps operating speed
  • Buy a timer for your heater – Running your pool pump & heater in short bursts throughout the day will save energy & still maintain heat without continuously running them all day..
  • Keep your pool clean & maintained – Debris clogging drains can cause your pool filter to work harder & consume more energy.

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