Children’s Pool Party – Safety Tips

Hosting a children’s party in your home pool can be a great way of having some serious fun in the sun.

But we can’t ignore the facts: Every year over 200 under 5’s drown in residential pools – Most of these tragedies could have  been avoided.

Like any event, sadly we can never guarantee something won’t go wrong.  What we can do however is take steps to reduce the risk & keep everyone safe – As well as being aware of what could potentially become a health and safety risk.

Make clear it’s a pool party

Make sure any invitations clearly say that it’s a pool party, it’s not the kind of party where kids can be left to their own devices all day.. Make sure parents know that it’s a pool party and ask that they come with their child.


Be clear on the rules

Secondly you should decide on your pool rules, make sure everyone knows them and if you can pin them up somewhere near then pool.   Suggestions include: No running beside the pool, no diving etc.


Update your CPR training

Every pool owner should know how to perform CPR and other potentially life-saving treatment.

  • Have first-aid training? – Make sure you’re up to date and have spoken to your local red-cross if you are in any doubts.
  • Don’t have first-aid training? – It’s a great life skill to have and will definitely put parents minds at ease. Speak to your local red-cross to organize training.

The Red Cross also offer aquatics training including: Lifeguarding, Swimming Water & Safety, Instructor training.


Buy plenty of sun cream & floats

Make sure you have enough stocks of sun screen, even if it’s cloudy encourage everyone to apply and even re-apply to their skin.  For kids that need them stock up on floats, arm bands and noodles before the party


Organize a designated lifeguard

An absolute must – At all times you need to have a designated adult acting as lifeguard, your local recreation department may be able to provide a lifeguard for you too.

* Perhaps obvious but essential, any assigned life guard should avoid drinking any alcohol while on duty.

With these safety tips in mind you have everything you need to run a safe and enjoyable children’s pool party in your back yard..


Let us check & maintain your pool

Need an inspection or pool maintenance before you host your children’s pool party?  Aqua Pool And Spa is your local trusted service for: Maintaining proper chemical & PH balance, vacuuming your pool, checking & cleaning your filter, checking your electrical & circulating system & more..

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