When Is the Best Time to Close a Pool in Connecticut?

Deciding the right time to close your pool isn’t always that simple.  Sometimes the weather will be beautiful into the end of October and people will decide to keep their pools open longer.  On the other hand closing your pool too early can be bad for the pool.

It might seem unusual that this can be the case but when you’re adding chemicals to last through the winter to spring, it’s a lot to ask of your pool.

If the temperature is too warm, the chemicals may struggle to sustain themselves; this increases the chance of algae build up and stains in your pool.  When you open up again in the spring, you could have a green pool which is more costly and time consuming to fix.

Warmer weather means faster consumption of chemicals.

So how do you decide the right time?

Timing should be be more about practicality than convenience.  The best rule to follow is the 60F rule.

When the temperature is consistently below 60 degrees it is safe to close your pool.  In Connecticut this is generally towards the end of September and the middle of October.  If the weather is still warm, there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy your pool into the fall.

When you are ready to close always remember to have your pool water checked to ensure the correct winterizing chemicals are added.  In lower temperatures pools use up more minerals for instance.

Make sure you close your pool right the first time and you’ll have more chance of a better pool opening next season.


Fighting pesky leaves

If your yard has trees which tend to drop a lot of leaves on your pool, another consideration will be the fight in the fall of keeping leaves out of your pool.


When closing your swimming pool, always remember that timing is important. Timing your pool closure right allows your winterizing chemicals to do their job correctly, and ensure you don’t have a green pool next year.

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