Residential Pool Safety – Essential Tips

Whether you already have a pool at your home or are in the process of getting one, make sure you, your family and children follow these basic safety steps to stay safe when using your home pool.

By following a few simple tips you can keep yourself and your pool users safe.

10 Residential Pool Safety Steps:

  1. Be aware of how long you are outside

Don’t forget the sun cream and be aware of how long you spend exposed to the hot sun.  Overexposure can lead to painful sunburn or in worst cases skin cancer,

Opt for waterproof sun cream to protect you and your pool users from the sun being reflected off your pool water.

  1. Always have a barrier around your pool

When your pool is not in use you should include a fenced barrier around your pool of at least 4ft high.  Removing ladders and add a cover are other  easy ways to keep young children out of the pool or deter people from entering.

  1. Learn how to perform CPR

Should you ever find yourself in an emergency situation knowing how to perform basic life-saving assistance could save a life!

  1. Never swim alone

You should always have another person present when swimming regardless of your age, but particularly if there are young children swimming.  For any children under the age of 5 it’s best to remain at arm’s length from them at all times..

  1. Keep long hair back

To avoid long hair getting caught in drains around your pool tie it back in a bun or plait.  It’s always a good idea to note where the drains are when you enter the pool as well, especially for young children.

  1. Never run around the pool

Even the most able-bodied person can slip when they least expect it.   Never, ever run around a pool

  1. Handle chemicals with care

Always handle any pool chemicals with care and store them away from children.

  1. Create your own pool rules

Make any users of your pool aware of your pool rules, such as: no running, no diving, no pushing into the pool.

  1. Check fixtures & fittings

Periodically check that any pool ladders & railings are not damaged or loose in any way, replace any non-slip materials that have begun to lose their grip.

  1. Maintain your chemical levels

Check and maintain your chemical levels, filtration & circulation in your pool to minimize any risk or rashes, earache or other health issues.

Contact Aqua Pool & Spa for a full maintenance service to keep your pool in prime condition & more importantly keep you & your family safe when using it.